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by ezra vancil

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It's hard to say goodbye to friends and family. In this troublesome era we've been living in, I've clung to friends and family like never before.  I'm very much a recluse most of the time. I have trouble connecting personally with people on deeper levels, especially as I grow older. 

There are those people in my life though that I don't have to do any heavy lifting for or deal with the interpersonal struggles. I don't have to worry that I might use the wrong words, or have the wrong ideas, or tell the wrong off-color joke at the wrong time. There are those in my life don't have these conditions. Because their love is unconditional. It is not based on what I do or what I am at any given time. And over a lifetime their love is proven. When they have watched through it all, the ugly, the ugly, and the precious (I feel that's the rythem of my life) and they don't even flench. Their love is freely given. It has little to do with my efforts. 

From my life, I see that this love is very rare. I might have family like this, a few friends like this; usually, we have deep roots in life together. 

Pete Salicco, was one of those rare people in my life. I never differentiated him from close family, nor his kids. He was the definition of his name, 'Peter,' in my life, a rock.

I receive so much underserving lovely correspondence from fans, but Pete's messages to me were a monolith, and they lasted from childhood to just recently. As if he was an angel in my ever-changing life to deliver one message to me, and that message is simply put, "Keep going brother", "Don't give up".  Just so happens, at any given time, that is the message I need to hear. 

Pete was also a music mentor to me. Probably my first music mentor outside of my parents. I was talking to his daughter, telling stories and she said she remembered going to sleep listening to him play guitar outside her door. 

This song, Family Songbook, seeks to honor that tradition in my life and family. I have no more precious memory than those of going to sleep to my parents—and their bands and friends—playing and writing into the night. Peter was one of those bandmates and friends on the other side of my wall too. 

His songs live on in his children and in me, and many others. They go on and on ... and we will go on and on. 

I hope you enjoy the song and hopefully think of someone you love who plays music,  think of all those nights that they sit and work on beautiful things. If your working on something beautiful, keep going, don't stop now, someone needs it, we need it. 

We love you Pete. 
Rest In Peace

- ezra 


My father was a poet
I could hear him sing through the walls
As I lay in my bed
With just a poet's dream

My mother played the piano
She wrote love stories
Through the walls in the night when she sang
I dreamt it's just for me

Then I went to school
Just a forgotten teen
I never felt I could belong
Until they heard me sing

Play me your song
I’ll sing along
I kept the words beside my bed
When everything's wrong
And I need to be strong
I hear the poet's verse he read
Play me your song
Let it go on until the dawn

My daddy went back to work
He was in carpentry
In the night I would strum his guitar
As he tried asleep

My mother planted her love songs
In the family tree
In the night I would play her piano
Like she played for me

I could see in their eyes
All the forgotten dreams
Like they didn’t belong without a song to sing

I’ll play you a song
And you sing along
I put the words beside your bed
When everything's wrong
And you need to belong
Just hear this verse the poets read
Play me your song
Pet it go on until the dawn
Play me a song

I put the kids into bed
And write my song again
Behind the walls
I hope they dream in the night
I sing it just for them

Play me your song
I'll sing along
I put the words beside your bed
When everything's wrong
And you need to belong
Just hear this verse the poets read
Play me your song
Let it go on
Play me your song


released August 21, 2020
Words & Music Ezra Vancil
Acoustic & Pads Ezra
Produced by Ezra Vancil
Music & Lyrics Ezra Vancil
Mixed By – David Castell
Bass – Jonathan Estes
Drums – Chris Brush l
Violin - Doug Hamilton
Cello -Michael G. Ronstadt
Master By - John Armstrong


all rights reserved



ezra vancil Dallas, Texas

Specializing in music that makes the hurt into something beautiful. Everything turns 🌑 🌒 🌓 🌔 #folk #songwriter #recovery

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